July 30, 2009

Day 46 - Back in California

After 46 days on the road, traveling from hotel to hotel, we finally made it back to California. But not before a little more gambling/losing, a lunch stop at Ikeda's in Auburn, and a quick stop at the Vacaville Outlets.

Welcome (Back) To California

We drove over the Bay Bridge, amazingly enough, the first time we had gone completely over the bridge.

As we passed Treasure Island, San Francisco came into view, fog and all.
As we pulled onto my brother's street, the final mileage for our road trip was 11,177 miles.
As our road trip comes to a close, I'd like to thank everyone for following our blog and commenting on our travels. We saw amazing places, ate great food, and met many friendly people along the way. Definitely worth the hours of driving and daily packing and unpacking. For now, this blog is "temporarily disabled" (all you geocachers know what I mean). =)

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Tammy said...

Too bad I didn't follow closer, you could have stopped in Sac and visited with us! Oh, well...thanks for your blog and it was awesome. I hope Carl and I can do the southern half one of these days. We only did the northern route from PA to CA.