July 8, 2009

Day 24 - Ice Cream Social

Today was the Garden Spot Village Ice Cream Social. Free ice cream so of course we went. It was a nice warm day so ice cream hit the spot.

David with Grandma Doris and neighbor Jean

Jenn with the Giant Turkey Hill Ice Cream Cow

Got there when it first started and got in line to get our ice cream. Only got a small scoop so after eating it quickly, went to play some of the carnival games they offered.

David trying to dunk a GSV employee, two misses so no dunk
Next, David tried putting. Three misses so no prize. Grandma Doris made two out of three putts from the same distance, wow!

After the ice cream line got a little shorter, we went back to check if they had any more. Yep, they had lots and the scoops were huge this time. I got vanilla and Jenn got chocolate. After tasting the vanilla, Jenn liked it better than the chocolate so guess who ended up eating most of the vanilla?

After spoiling our dinner, we went to the New Holland Family Restaurant for dinner. At 5:30pm! We're getting used to these early dinners but by the time 10pm comes around, we're hungry again!

Here's David's dinner - chicken croquettes with corn nuggets

Tomorrow, maybe some shopping at the outlets and some geocaching.

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