July 23, 2009

Day 39 - Wall Drug, Badlands NP, and Mount Rushmore

Left Mitchell and headed to Wall, SD, home to Wall Drug, a huge tourist trap. You see Wall Drug billboards and signs for miles, with all types of quirky sayings. One of the things they're famous for is their "Free Cup of Water".

Jenn with her free cup of water
Of course I had to take a photo with the coords of the store:

And here's a photo of the giant green dinosaur welcoming you to Wall, SD and Wall Drug

After lunch at Wall Drug, we drove over to Badlands National Park. Quite impressive rock formations, I remember seeing similar formations at the Petrified Wood National Forest, but not as many.

Did a quick drive through the Badlands NP, then off to Mount Rushmore. Wow, what an impressive sight! We got there late in the afternoon (or early in the evening) so the sun was almost behind the faces.

Tomorrow, Sturgis, Devils Tower, and Little Bighorn.

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Tammy said...

Mount Rushmore is definitely impressive...I'm so glad we went out of our way to stop and see it.