July 24, 2009

Day 40 - Sturgis, Devils Tower, and Little Bighorn

After checking out, we drove towards Wyoming but not before driving through Sturgis since it was on the way. No bike rally this week so this is what Main St looks like without bikes.

And this is what it would look like if it was bike rally week, well in animated form.

Next stop was Wyoming...

...and Devils Tower National Monument, oldest in the US. It's quite impressive as your drive towards it, it just towers over everything around it. We even saw a few rock climbers climbing to the top.

Even saw some cute prairie dogs on the way out.

We then headed to Billings, MT. On our way to Billings, I saw that Little Bighorn National Battlefield National Monument was along the way so we made a short stop to see where Custer made his last stand.

Dave at Custer's Last Stand Hill
The hill looking downward. I think the markers are where the bodies of the soldiers were found. The black marker is General Custer.

Tomorrow, Yellowstone!

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