July 10, 2009

Day 26 - Philadelphia and Game Night

During our last trip to PA (July 2008), we did a day trip to Philadelphia. We visited the National Constitution Center but didn't visit Independence Hall so that's where we wanted to visit today. We got there midday and went to the Independence Hall Visitor Center, only to find out tickets for the tours were already all gone for the day. What a bummer! So we visited the Liberty Bell again and walked around Independence Hall.

Jenn with the Liberty Bell
David in front of Independence Hall
There was one room near Independence Hall that you could visit with going on the tour. It was where the U.S. Supreme Court once convened. The park ranger said the only thing that was original in the room was the large chair in the middle, although the other furniture and items were of historical value.

We were getting hungry so we next walked a few blocks to Reading Terminal Market.
We went straight to Rick's Cheesesteaks, where we had eaten cheesesteaks last summer. Unfortunately, they were gone! Apparently, when their lease was up last summer, the market forced them out and they relocated somewhere else in Philly. So, we walked up and down the many vendors and finally settled on roast pork sandwiches, with garlicky spinach and Provolone cheese. It was very moist and the spinach added a nice flavor to it.

And after lunch, Jenn had to have her Basset ice cream, mocha chip.

After enjoying the ice cream, we headed back to New Holland, where we had a nice dinner. Then it was game night! First we played carpet ball, where you try to knock your opponent's pool balls off the board.

Then it was a game of eight-ball.
And finally, shuffleboard.

Not sure what we're doing tomorrow, but it does include a trip to Lapp's Ice Cream.

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Tammy said...

Looks like a good time...no Rocky photo?! ;-)