July 1, 2009

Day 17 - New Orleans

After checking out, we drove south through the rest of Mississippi to Louisiana. We came across the first welcome sign in another language.

It was a fairly short drive to New Orleans, including a portion over swampland.

The drive took about a couple of hours and after doing an Earthcache and grabbing some lunch, we checked into our hotel and headed to the French Quarter for some early dinner. We asked our hotel bellman what restaurant he would suggest and he said Denny's. We thought it was quite funny, but he said, no not THE Denny's but another Denny's, a local seafood restaurant. We discovered it was actually Deanie's. Instead of bread, they give you potatoes they boil in the water they use to boil the seafood in. It was good but we discovered the the potato skins themselves were HOT!!! Jenn ordered the barbecue shrimp appetizer for her dinner since it was a big portion and I ordered the stuffed crab.

Jenn with her bib
Stuffed crab!
After dinner, we walked over to Bourbon Street and walked a portion until we had enough of the "2 for 1" beer specials being offered to us up and down the street.

Bourbon Street (I didn't take photos of the non-kid friendly establishments)

We then headed for Cafe Du Monde, for their beignets and iced cafe au lait.

We finished up the night with a walk along the riverwalk and the mighty Mississippi River and a short (losing) trip to the Harrah's Casino.
Tomorrow, Alabama and Florida.

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Tammy said...

I'm assuming a lot has been restored by now?