July 26, 2009

Day 42 - Yellowstone, Old Faithful Area

Today we spent our entire time at Yellowstone at the Old Faithful area. There's so much to see there, lots of geysers, springs, and pools. When we got there, we went straight to the Visitor's Center, to see when Old Faithful was going to erupt next. It was in the next twenty minutes or so, so we sat down in the shade and waited. OF finally erupted and we got a few photos, but this was a short eruption so by the time we took this photo, it was nearing its eruption.

Dave and Jenn with Old Faithful

We then decided to find a couple of virtual caches above Old Faithful. The elevation kicked our butts on the hike up, having to stop a couple of times. But we got to the top and what an awesome view!
We then walked along the boardwalk and saw many cool geysers and springs. I liked this one, because of my aquarium hobby.

Anemone Geyser

We then walked back to Old Faithful, since it was going to erupt again. Along the way, we went over Firehole River.

The second OF eruption was a lot better than the first, higher and longer. We even got some geyser mist on us.

We then walked to Morning Glory Pool, almost 3 miles round trip. Got to see its colorful waters. Too bad it's this way because of trash being thrown into the pool. A park ranger even said that they once found a chair in there!

We then drove back to West Yellowstone and visited the Grizzly and Wolf Discover Center and got to see some grizzlies looking for their hidden food among their pen.
Finished the day with some pulled pork sandwiches at Beartooth Barbecue. And for once, no photos! =)

Tomorrow, Grand Tetons and Jackson, WY.

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