July 25, 2009

Day 41 - Yellowstone

Today we drove from Billings, MT to the northern entrance of Yellowstone. Went to the Mammoth Springs Visitor Center to get my passport stamped, and what should we find when we come back out, our first wildlife of Yellowstone.

Elk munching on grass
We then checked out the Mammoth Springs.
We then drove to the Canyon Village to check out the canyon and falls.
As we were leaving the falls, this fellow lumbered through. When he walked toward our car, he sort of leaned toward us. We though he was going to hit the car but no, he just lumbered in the other direction and off he went.

Tomorrow, Old Faithful.

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andersensmommy said...

Wow! The up-close encounters with the wildlife are awesome! Glad they didn't cause any problems - buffalo vs. Prius... Hmmm....