July 9, 2009

Day 25 - Geocaching and the Waffle House

We decided to go to the Lancaster Outlets today but before that we wanted to do a little bit of geocaching around the area. Our first cache almost turned out to be our first DNF even though we could see the nano cache. The cache was on the bell at the top of this pole-climbing exercise equipment at a park.

To get to the top, it was at least fifteen feet up. There's no way either of us was going to be able to climb up. There was a picnic table nearby but even if we took that over, and I boosted Jenn up, we still wouldn't be able to reach it, if the old table would've even held. So we walked away dejected until I saw a long branch that had fallen from a nearby tree. I took the branch and knocked the nano cache down, know that I somehow needed to replace it back up there. After signing the log, I lodged the nano in between two branches, then tried to get the magnetic side to stick to the bell. After a couple of tried, the magnet attached and the nano was back in place! So I used my brain muscles instead of my arm and leg muscles.

After finding a few more caches, we were hungry so we stopped at our usual Waffle House across from the outlets. We finally tried the waffle and man, was it delicious! Too bad I didn't take a photo of it.

After lunch we headed to the outlets where I bought a new pair of sunglasses (since I just snapped my other pair in half) and Jenn bought a couple of shirts from Banana Republic. Then after DNFing a nano cache in a covered bridge (hundreds of hiding places = difficulty 4), we went to look for a cache near this very popular sign.

We DNFed it, looks like the landscaping crew had been there recently. Then off to another couple of caches and we had a nice view of the nearby Amish farms.
After getting back to my grandma's, my uncle Bill from Delaware showed up and we went out to dinner. After dinner, we walked over to a nearby geocache and showed them where it was. He had a long drive back to Delaware so we took a quick pic and off he went.

Tomorrow, Independence Hall and Reading Terminal in Philadelphia.

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Tammy said...

Love Lancaster Outlets!