July 6, 2009

Day 22 - Just Relaxin'

After finally getting to sleep in a little, we decided we were just going to relax today. Of course, that also included getting the Prius serviced and going grocery shopping at Yoders. We got our apple cider, sweet bologna, and of course scrapple! Watched a few too many episodes of Wizards on Waverly Place, then played "Hand and Foot", a card game we always play here. My grandma kicked our butts, her score was almost as much as Jenn and mine combined! Ended the day by going to the village's computer room for a bit, although I was disappointed that I couldn't install Adobe Flash on the machines because I didn't have administrative priviliges. So no Facebook games for me!

Tomorrow, off to Kitchen Kettle Village for some birch beer and soft pretzels!

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