July 4, 2009

Day 20 - Great Smoky Mountains and the very first KFC

We woke up today in the city of Asheville and made our way to the Great Smoky Mountains. Before getting to the National Park, you have to pass through the town of Cherokee. It was pack with tourist, checking out the Native American stores and Fourth of July festivities. After moving slowly through the town, we got to the NP visitor's center. I got my passport stamped, including one upside down (oops). Then we started our drive through the Mountains. There were only a few places to stop so we didn't get many photos. But here's one with Jenn and the Smoky Mountains.

The bluish haze gives the Smoky Mountains its name.

After leaving the NP, we passed through Pigeon Forge, TN. My mind was practically blown by the amount of attractions and things to do, including Dollywood. There were tons of mini golf parks, pancake houses, country music theaters, magic shows, etc. The town seemed to go on forever...it must've taken us 15-20 minutes to drive through.

An example of what you can see in Pigeon Forge.
Or you could stay at this hotel.

We finally made it through and headed to Kentucky.
One the way to West Virginia, we stopped at the very first Kentucky Fried Chicken, in Corbin, KY. We didn't buy anything to eat but we checked out the museum they have within the restaurant's building.
Sander's Cafe
Jenn with the Colonel
The First KFC Kitchen
Throughout driving through Kentucky and into West Virginia, it rained, which didn't keep the fireworks from being shot off. Apparently, thing thing to do is go to the rest stops in WV and shoot of your fireworks there.

Tomorrow, off to Pennsylvania!

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Stephen said...

first of all where are my pics from mississippi along the biloxi coast and also, jennifer, did u get a set of beads on bourbon street?? lol