June 29, 2009

Day 15 - Graceland and BBQ (again!)

Got woken up today at 6am by our motel telephone ringing. I picked it up and just some beeps, not even a human on the other side. And to top it off, I was dreaming about Disneyland. I was pissed to say the least. Back to sleep and slept through our alarm so by the time we woke up a little bit before 9am, the free breakfast was over. Oh well, ate some stuff we had with us, got ready, packed up and hit the road. Before heading over to Memphis, we found a cache in Arkansas, our seventh new state. Then onto Memphis and Graceland!

Tennessee Welcome Us
First stop, Graceland!

We had bought our tickets online so all we had to do was pick them up and wait for our tour time to begin. The basic ticket lets you tour the mansion and that's about it. We bought the platinum tour ticket which lets you go on the mansion tour and lets you also visit the auto museum, the airplanes, and a couple of other exhibits. I think this was the best value. For an additional $36, we could've gotten the VIP ticket, which includes the above + you get to board a shuttle to the mansion right away (instead of waiting in line for ten minutes) + some special exhibit + a keepsake backstage pass thing. IMO, the additional $36 is not worth it. You could use that cash to buy lunch plus buy some souvenirs.

Here's Jenn waiting in line to board the shuttle. She's wearing the headphones and audio player that allows you to hear the audio tour at various parts of the mansion.

You board a shuttle, then they drive you across the road to Graceland Mansion. The mansion itself was much smaller than I expected. I expected something the size of the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland!

Dave in the Living Room (awesome peacock stained glass!)

Jenn with a Fan Painting in the Trophy Room
Jenn with the Famous Suits

At the end of the mansion tour are the graves of Elvis, his parents and grandmother.
After the mansion tour, we were starving so we had a great lunch of meat loaf, mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potatoes, and Dr. Pepper (a fave of Elvis). We then headed to Elvis' Auto Museum to see his many cool cars.

Dave with the 1960 MG

Jenn with the Pink Cadillac

After the car museum, we went to the Sincerely Elvis exhibit, where they show lots of memorabilia from his movies. You're not supposed to take flash photos anywhere in the mansion or exhibits but Jenn used the flash on this pic.

Dave with the Girls! Girls! Girls! exhibit
We then went to see the Lisa Marie, Elvis' private jet. One interesting story we learned about was that since Lisa Marie had never seen snow, Elvis took her to Colorado. They landed, Lisa Marie played in the snow for a couple of hours, then back to Memphis.

Checked out the gifts shops, bought a few things, got a cherry Icee since it was so hot, then took one last photo at the entrance to Graceland.

We left Graceland and headed to East Memphis and the Doubletree Hotel. Only $42! Gotta love Priceline! After checking in and finding a cache in the parking lot, we were off to Interstate Barbecue. We ordered an order of pork ribs with baked beans and cole slaw and a side order of BBQ Spaghetti. Everything was delicious, although the spaghetti was quite spicy. I had to eat lots of cole slaw to cool off my mouth.

Pork Ribs with Baked Beans and Cole Slaw

BBQ Spaghetti (with pulled pork mixed in)
After stuffing ourselves, we drove back to our hotel. Off to Mississippi tomorrow.

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