June 26, 2009

Day 12 - Invesco Field and Driving Through Kansas

Today we woke up with the weather being a lot better, very warm and sunny. After checking out we drove over to the Invesco Field at Mile High Stadium, where the Denver Broncos play.

We visited the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame, where they had many exhibits and info about famous Colorado sportsmen and sportswomen.

Jenn with Broncos locker

After spending spending some time and a little bit of money at the Broncos team store, we headed out of Denver toward Kansas. About an hour into our drive, we saw some passing thunderstorms. Definitely different than what we're used to as you can see where the showers are.

After driving for a while, we made it to Kansas...
...where we saw lots of cornfields.

Along the way to Hays, our stop for the night, we stopped for the oldest active geocache, GC30, Mingo. It was an easy find, just had to follow the geotrail. Dropped off a few traveling geocoins and some other shiny stuff. =)

Tomorrow, driving past more cornfields, and Kansas State University, where my dad went to college.

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That is very cool that you picked up the oldest geo...