June 27, 2009

Day 13 - Kansas State University and BBQ

Today we visited Kansas State University, where my dad went to college. We drove around the campus and bought some stuff from the bookstore. I tried on a purple T-shirt but nope, purple's not one of my colors!
Dave at KSU
While in Manhattan we also found the Cache Across America - Kansas geocache, our second CAA cache after CAA - California. I know I won't find all 50 but it's fun to find them if you're in the area.
Dave finding the cache while Jenn waits atop
We then drove from Manhattan to Kansas City, Missouri.

Our first stop was GC37- Missouri's First - Watts Mill geocache. It had just rained so all of the plants were wet so we got soaked from brushing up against all of the leaves. But we preservered and made the find of this old cache first hid in 6/2000.

Our next stop was Arthur Bryant's, a famous barbecue joint in Kansas City.

We ordered a pound worth of meat - beef brisket, pulled pork, and burnt ends. We also got some baked beans. We got everything to go and they wrapped the meat and half a loaf of bread into some paper. That was their take out tray! As we drove south, Jenn opened the paper on her lap and this is what she saw:

Looks really messy (and it was) but it was so good! We ate about half of it before we had to stop. Leftovers for breakfast!

Tomorrow, driving through Arkansas to Memphis, TN.

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Tammy said...

Super messy looking, but I'm sure one of the best BBQ you've had. I didn't know your dad went to Kansas?!