June 24, 2009

Day 10 - Garden of the Gods

Today, we planned on going caching for an "oldie" cache (hidden 7/2000) but first we had to have some fuel. So we drove up to Colorado Springs to eat at King's Chef diner, another diner Jenn had seen on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives on the Food Network (see a pattern?). This place was cool. First off, it's a purple castle! It seated only 10 customers but when we got there there were only a dad and his two sons. Everyone was real friendly and we talked a lot. We ordered a half plate of The Grump. Hash browns on the bottom, then bacon and onions, then scrambled eggs, then gravy, then cheese.
Here it is half eaten (we shared once again).
Jenn in front of the King's Chef Diner

After not finishing all of the Grump, we were off to find the 7/2000 cache. It was a little over an hour or so away around Pike's Peak. A nice drive all the way but then our Auto GPSr routed us to a dirt country road. But it agreed to Google Maps so off we drove in our Prius. After twenty or so minutes of driving really slow and getting bumped around, we saw a rocky area ahead and knew it was time to give up and turn around. We were really bummed but knew it wasn't worth wrecking our car. So back to Colorado Springs we went. After visiting the Garden of the Gods (the next part of the blog), I decided to check the map to the cache again and saw that there was another paved road that we should have taken. I briefly thought about going after it but thought better. But half an hour later, on the way to Denver, we were talking about it and thought maybe we should go after it. But it would have put us in Denver at a late hour and we were already tired so we decided not to, and had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen instead.

But, back to Garden of the Gods. And amazing collection of rock formations just outside of Colorado Springs. We drove the loop, found a few Earthcaches, took a few photos.

Garden of the Gods with Pike's Peak in the background

Then off to Denver, with the first rainbow of our trip
Rocky Mountain National Park tomorrow!


cjweb said...

The castle restaurant is cool! My kids would love it!

andersensmommy said...

I love that you guys are stopping at DDD locations. We watch that show sometimes and Hendrik always says he wants to go to those places too!

Tammy said...

There's nothing wrong with going to places on Food Network!